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It was one of only 5 dating sites we even came close to – let alone exceeded – a 50% response rate. As far as the amount of women we set-up dates with, that was also an impressive number. On each dating site, we used some of the same emails to catch a woman’s attention. When are you free to converse via Instant Messenger? Out of all the sites we reviewed, we are comfortable with ranking it 2nd. With that said, we always recommend using 2-3 dating sites at a time to maximize your chances of meeting someone.

However, on the Top 5 sites, we learned to create emails geared towards members of that specific site. Guys that work 2-3 dating sites always have plenty of women in their pipeline.

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Being that I’ve been on the marketing side of the adult online dating industry I can understand why the do certain things to bring in new members but what I don’t like is the fact that they only target male members this shows me that they don’t have much if any desire to recruit any female singles which in my opinion is a very key component to an adult dating websites success.That’s not to say there are plenty of great women on As mentioned above, we had a bit less success on than e or Out of those 450 emails, we received a response from 321 different women throughout the United States. uses a more complex system for matching singles together. A small percentage of the women we chatted with had very little in common with us on Almost every woman you chat with on will – at the very least – share many common interests with you.Our goal on each site was to get a 50% response rate, so we crushed that (71.3%) on ” Email #2: “I recently went on a date with a girl I met on here. That’s not to say it’s a pain in the butt to find a good match on When the only negative comments we can make about is that it’s not Match.com, you know this is a good dating site. It’s worth the money because you’ll have an enjoyable time and a good chance of finding love.This is my personal opinion if you’re curious to find out what is all about than do it I doubt it’s that expensive.The adult dating industry is quite interesting I’ve written about this topic several times and I honestly think that eventually joining an adult dating site for men and women will become like second nature.

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It’s not quite a Bentley (Match.com), but it’s a pretty dang good site. You won’t find this information anywhere on their website. Another helpful piece of advice is to also upload 1 or 2 new photos per week and log into your at least once per day.

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