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Redondo Beach attracts thousands of surfers each year.But authorities warn its challenging conditions - which includes strong currents - mean it is only suitable for experts.They didn't pressure us last night to discuss what had happened with the men we chose to take us to their rooms. Erin and I set the boys up to be sex slaves without asking them.

After Apple-FBI spat over privacy, Whats App rolled out their encryption module.

Cast of Characters: Erin and I had so much fun playing with Mike. It is fun playing like Erin is Mike's wife and I know he likes fucking my best friend.

Her husband Sam is a great lover and his cock feels just as good as my own husband's, but it is different.

Skype and other similar applications always catered to free Vo IP and video calls over the internet.

But now, telecom companies are feeling the heat over losing their revenue to internet-based OTT communication apps.

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