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Education continues to be very expensive, and most students are finding it difficult to pursue their study careers.When you are faced with the daunting task of repaying them back, consolidating your loans becomes a viable option.Beginning in January 2012, the Department will reach out to qualified borrowers early next year to alert them of the opportunity.This special consolidation initiative would keep the terms and conditions of the loans the same, and most importantly, beginning in January 2012, allow borrowers to make only one monthly payment, as opposed to two or more payments, greatly simplifying the repayment process.

While college remains an excellent investment for most students, debt may discourage some potential students from enrolling, keeping them from getting the skills they need to compete in the global economy.If your major interest is information related to Great Lakes Student Loans or any other such as FASFA Form, Consolidating School Loans, My Federal Student Loan, Sun Trust Student Loan Consolidation, Repay Federal Student Loans or Direct Student Loans Payment, this article can prove useful. In some cases, when you apply for a student loan of a specific type, your credit report or score may not even be a factor. Essentially, this is dependent upon the specific type of student loan you are wanting.There are a lot of misconceptions about student loans.A lot of people hate them, a lot of people need them.

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If you don't make your monthly payments, the bank simply repossesses your car. You don't pay your mortgage, the bank forecloses on your house.

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