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We see it in celebrity culture – the Kardashian/Jenner clan and Will Smith’s family for instance.

As a society, we’ve come to welcome non-traditional family units.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Now, they don't expect her to live to adulthood, but her parents are grateful that they've had their little mirace for 11 years and counting.

Today on the way to the event, they got an email about their daughters good friend, 10 years old who had cancer who died today..they have to find a way to tell their own daughter who also has an incurable disease that her friend had passed. So, when I sit here and think about my two beautiful, smart, and most of all healthy sons, my wonderful family, great friends, a little house that I bought and made into a home for us, I remember again how blessed I really am.^^^Barbe, I'm sorry you're going through looking for a job right now.

Though the error rang loudly in my own ears, I knew how commonly people think this way, whether they realize it or not. I heard an echo of the same sentiment, but this time it wasn’t coming from my TV screen, or from the mouth of a non-Christian friend. I was marveling over the blessings God had given me and how he answered longtime prayers in a big way.

As I considered these blessings, my first thought was “I wonder what trial lies around the corner?

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