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The cast began calling the third cafeteria seat the "death seat" because once a character sat there, they never came how her character got her name: "[Creator] Michael Jacobs says he was driving down the highway when production called and said, 'We need a name for this character!

' He happened to be driving past Topanga Canyon, so he said, 'Topanga.' He says that if they had called him two miles later, I would've been named Canoga, which is the next exit." my hair.

It was always kind of in there, and got solidified with time. He liked to wear his sweaters and he liked his same routine and he liked cupcakes and cake and sitting at home with his wife.

He’s the kind of guy you grew up with who always knew what he wanted and that’s who he was, and he never had to go through some exploratory phase where he had to date a bunch of girls or go out a lot.

"I did everything I could to make sure we had some of the same people.

He and Topanga, who owns an after-school hangout that specializes in pudding, also have a younger son named Louis (August Maturo).

EST on the Disney Channel, will focus on the kids, but a slew of old standbys — including Feeney, Shawn (Rider Strong) and Mikus (Lee Norris) — have been confirmed to reprise their roles this season.(MORE: Who Should Return for the , Cory evolved a lot from being more of a precocious pre-teen into a more curmudgeonly member of society, at least in relation to some of the other characters on the show.

Was that something your were consciously aware of at the time? I think Cory was just always sort of a grumpy old man, in a loveable way.

Cory was originally supposed to have more than one best friend.

The show's creator Michael Jacobs wanted Cory to be part of a group of friends, not a duo, so the producers tried rotating in different friends but none of the characters stuck around.

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Feeny (William Daniels), the ABC primetime series came to an end and Savage and the rest of the cast and crew said good-bye to the Philadelphia family that felt like their own.

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