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The Conservative Political Action Conference took place this week in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside Washington, DC.The annual political confab has been the largest gathering of conservatives since its inception in 1974. GOPround pushed for a write-in campaign for Donald Trump at CPAC's presidential straw poll. Barron, co-founder of GOProud who would later not only endorse Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, but also launch LGBT for Trump, said he "would love to see Mr.Trump run for president." For the 2012 CPAC conference, the ACU board voted to not invite GOProud or the John Birch Society to the 2012 conference.In 2011, ACU took CPAC on the road with its first Regional CPAC in Orlando, Florida.Since then ACU has hosted regional CPACs in Chicago, Denver, St. Political front runners take the stage at this convention.

In her CPAC speech, Sarah Palin accused Democrats of treating women like “cheap dates”: “Feed 'em a few lines about that free birth control, throw in some scary quotes about the war on women, and they will be yours.” Democrats were routinely vilified at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference for the “insult” of acknowledging that women might have sex for nonprocreative purposes and therefore would like things like abortion rights and contraception coverage.But while speaker invitation controversies are part and parcel of any good CPAC, the annual conference is much more than the Milo story.CPAC is a unique event on the political calendar, a gathering of conservative movement activists and loyalists that’s also a hub for people who are much more entertainers and entrepreneurs than they are ideologues or policy wonks.The 2011 CPAC was Donald Trump's first speaking appearance at CPAC.His appearance at CPAC was organized by GOProud, in conjunction with GOPround supporter Roger Stone, who was close with Trump.

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