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Adults have lived longer than children, and thus have had more time to develop other psychiatric disorders.In children with AD/HD, the existence of a comorbid condition is correlated with greater likelihood that the symptoms will persist into adulthood.When you are driving through the state of Maryland, the atmosphere can change on a dime.You can pass through rolling country hills, small Main St gems, huge cityscapes, and waterfront promenades while barely adding to the odometer.And while we often tout the tourist attractions in big cities like Baltimore, Annapolis, and Frederick, these cross-state adventures have made us appreciate the little guy.

Nearly a decade ago, Don Gogniat was sitting at a meeting of the York County Rail Trail Authority, and as he listened to those around him talking about the region’s trails, he began quietly sketching them out on a napkin.Find this mountain and park just 10 miles South of Frederick and take the 5.5-mile Blue Trail Loop for some amazing year-round views.Even amateur hikers can make it to white rocks, where views of rolling hills change color depending on the season.Although a given adult may not meet DSM-IV criteria for full AD/HD any longer, he or she may still experience impairment in certain aspects of life.The individual’s perception of his or her degree of impairment can vary.

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